Monday, December 15, 2008

Aside from wondering wether or not you will be going to heaven, do you ever wonder what you will look like in heaven? I wonder if we will look like we do when we die or will we revert back to a time in life when we were at our best?
I don't know but when I found an old photo of my mother I imagined she was an angel in heaven. This photo was taken by my father. I'm not sure of the exact timing but I expect sometime after they were married (1957, 1958) and had their whole lives together ahead of them. They had plans for family and career and full of love and hope.
Gradually over time though, the beauty of youth becomes crushed under the process of aging. But through that process we acquire wisdom. My mother now is a bit mishapen and has gray hair. Her knees don't work too well and she gets tired more easily but she has wisdom, a precious gem; beautiful, painfully acquired wisdom. I love you mom.
The picture is a painting from a photo; acrylic and colored pencil on Somerset Velvet paper, cut out, scanned into a Photoshop Document with a gradient in the background. This painting is not available for sell but I will be happy to make prints available to family members upon request.

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